3 Important Aspects Of Retail Video Surveillance Systems

Posted on: 8 May 2017

Are you thinking about or have you already opened a retail store or a restaurant? Have you ever given much thought to what might happen if someone were to try to rob the place? Although it's not a pleasant thought, planning ahead for this eventuality can help ensure that the thief doesn't get away with much cash and is caught quickly by the police. One of the best things you can do for your new business is to have security cameras installed. They might seem like a needless expense at first, but they can more than pay for themselves. When talking to a professional about having a camera system installed, some of the things that you need to discuss include:

Number of cameras: The best video surveillance systems will have multiple cameras to watch multiple angles. While this adds to the expense, more camera angles increase the chances that any crimes will be caught on video and that someone will be able to identify the suspect. If all you can afford is one camera, have it pointed at the register if at all possible. This will enable the camera to catch any robbery that occurs instead of simply getting a view of the perpetrator entering and exiting.

Storage of video: Criminals who happen to spot your cameras may try to take them out so that they can't be identified. If you have an old video surveillance system installed, they might even be able to steal or destroy the recording media that captured the recording. Fortunately, newer systems can keep a copy both in your store and online. If the cameras and the tapes or DVDs are stolen or destroyed, you and the police will still be able to access an online copy of the recording. This can entail an additional monthly fee but can more than pay for itself if it helps solve just a single case.

Camera resolution: It used to be that any camera installed in your business cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars apiece and only captured poor-quality images. Nowadays, you can still purchase a video surveillance system with an extremely poor image quality, but there are also many inexpensive cameras that capture video in clear and easy-to-see videos. Instead of the police trying to "clean up" a grainy video just so that they can tell whether the criminal in question is male or female, a high-quality video may even be able to capture relatively minor details like facial tattoos.

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