4 Home Security Tips For Your Garage

Posted on: 15 June 2016

When it comes to home security, you want to be sure that your entrance doors and windows are secure. You should even have a home security system set up in your home, especially one that is connected to the security company so that they are able to alert authorities when the alarm goes off. Many homeowners think about these things when considering their home security. However, not enough homeowners pay attention to the security of their garage, which is unfortunate because garage doors can easily be manipulated. Here are four security tips to consider for your garage:

  1. Don't Keep the Garage Door Remote in the Car: If someone were to get in your car that is parked in the driveway or on the street and you have left your garage door remote in there, then they are easily going to get in your garage. This is especially frightening if your garage has a door that leads to your home. Be sure to keep this door locked at all times just in case. To avoid this, be sure to bring your garage door remote into the house if you are not going to be parking inside of the garage. 
  2. Install a Peephole in the Entrance Door to Your Garage: If you have a door that leads into your garage from the inside of your home, then consider installing a peephole here. This way, if you hear something going on in the garage, you can look through the peephole instead of having to go into the garage where it's possible you may come face to face with someone dangerous. If you see someone in the garage through the peephole, you can easily alert the authorities and get out of the house without putting yourself in immediate danger. 
  3. Use a Motion Detector Light: From the outside of your garage, you should have a security company install a motion detector light. This way, if someone tries to manipulate the garage door, the motion detector light that goes off before they even reach the garage door is likely to scare them off. 
  4. Install a Coded Entry System: Finally, you should consider a coded entry system for your garage door. This makes it that much more difficult for someone to break into. Be sure that you change the code regularly to ensure that no one can easily guess the code in the future. 

When you know these four tips for garage security, you keep your home safer overall. For more ideas, talk to a residential security company like Tele-Plus.